Vegan Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Low Fat, Vegan
December 10
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Growing up in a Hungarian household, cabbage rolls were a frequent dish on our dinner table. I have distinct memories of the Hungarian tastes and warm feelings of family spending time together over a good meal. I will never forget my grandmother and great aunts making this classic dish and as much as I loved it so many years ago, I’d never consider eating it now for the simple reason that it is not vegan. Not even close. 

For years, I’ve avoided making cabbage rolls, as I thought they were a lot of work. The rolling of cabbage leaves was a daunting task for me and I could never bring myself to attempt it…. until this week. I had no plans of making cabbage rolls at all, but while I was perusing the produce isles at the grocery store, there was something about the cabbage that screamed “use me!”. Can’t say that’s happened before, but suddenly I had an urge to make cabbage rolls. I had no idea how and no time to make them, but I felt compelled. And so I went… picked up a large cabbage and went home to experiment. Thankfully, the once daunting task to me, wasn’t actually daunting at all. I am pleased to say that making stuffed cabbage rolls is actually MUCH easier than I expected. 

Dress Up Your Fall

October 22
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As the temperatures cool down, I find myself wanting to stay home a little more, snuggle my dog and curl up in a blanket. This happens every year, as we say good bye to summer and my heart slowly breaks at the thought of waiting a full year to experience those scorching temperatures once more. In an attempt to pull myself out of the inevitable winter rut, I take full advantage of fall temperatures by finding the best fall fashion finds and wearing the shit out of them until it’s too cold to bear. Sometimes even then, I’ll just throw a layer on top (or underneath) and STILL rock some cute outfits.  My newest obsession: 

Low Fat Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

Low Fat, 80/10/10
October 18
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If there is one dish that gets me through the winter, its soup – specifically, butternut squash soup. I tend to hibernate during the winter. I’m not one for winter sports and when it feels so cold outside that my face burns, I really don’t like leaving my house. You can generally find me wrapped in a cozy blanket, working away on my laptop, with a mug or bowl of something hot by my side. Can you blame me?

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