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May 21
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19/20 Wicklow Street
Dublin, Ireland

Cornucopia is one of my favorite finds in Dublin. It is a person with food restrictions’ heaven. There isn’t a trip to Dublin without a dinner at Cornucopia, for me. Their menu isn’t set, but a rotating menu of 6 main meals. Amongst those,  I’ve tried the potato cake, the lentil shepherd’s pie, the curry and more; my favorite being the potato cake. I frequently see vegetarian ragou on the menu,  although I have not tried it myself.  I’ve been told it’s delicious though.  All of the main meals can be combined with any 2 salads to make a combo.  They also usually have 2 raw vegan soups, as well as a couple cooked soup options and tons of salads to choose from. As if that is not enough, Cornucopia has many vegan, gluten free and wheat free desserts. Talk about variety!  Everything on the menu is labeled either Gluten Free, Raw Vegan, Sugar Free, Wheat Free, or Vegan. wp-1456609011902.jpgA water filter is located by the main door for all your aqua needs; refill as many times as you’d like and never let your thirst go unquenched. If you fancy something more than water, Cornucopia serves alcohol, as well as a wide array of teas, coffees and hot beverages. I enjoy the matcha latte with soy milk quite a bit. 


Cornucopia is set up like a nonchalant café. You order at the front, pay for your meal and then take your tray to your seat. Prices are very reasonable.  A combo (main dish and 2 salads) is priced at around 13.50 euros. 
There is seating on the main floor, as well as a second floor with more options. The restaurant is usually very busy, so it may take a few moments to locate your preferred seating.rps20160227_212103.jpg
The atmosphere at Cornucopia is relaxed. There’s live music every Tuesday night, combining 2 of my favorite things in life: music and vegan food. Dublin is well known for their live music scene, so it’s really nice to have a veggie resto take part in it.  It provides you with an option to ditch the easily available french fry eating nights out and opt for a healthier evening with friends.
Lots of seating, reasonable pricing, great labeling, lots of GF & vegan options
I would love to be able to order the same thing 2 days in a row

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