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June 3
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105 Rachel Street West  
Montreal, Quebec

OK, where to start on this ok… Crudessence is by far my favourite raw vegan restaurant I’ve ever been to!  I stopped in on a rainy day in Montreal and immediately felt uplifted by their atmosphere. The location I went to on Rachel Street West was perfect. There were tables set up with the window open, almost making it like an outdoor patio. There were ready made options great for takeout and a few bookshelfs of items available for purchase. They were even selling the most amazing spiralizer, which is extremely hard to find in stores!

As it was my time at Crudessence, I had some questions for the server. She was extremely nice about answering my questions. She explained that everything on their menu is vegan and gluten free. While most items are 100% raw, there are a couple options on the menu that contain cooked products (like the <<Tune>> wrap pictured below). Each of these options is clearly marked with a little triangle next to it and a legend at the bottom of the menu. 

When I sat down at the table, the server brought over a large jug of water filled with chlorophyll. It was really refreshing! The chlorophyll was mint flavored and when I asked what the taste and green color was, the waitress brought over the bottle immediately. I was extremely impressed – way to start off my Crudessence experience on a high note! 

I had a hard time choosing what to order here. Not because things didn’t look appealing, but because there were too many incredible choices! I ended up choosing 2 dishes, fully knowing that it would be too much food for one meal, but hoping one would make a great doggy bagged dinner. And a great doggy bagged dinner it did! The two meals I tried were the ‘Öm Burger Solo’ with the daily salad and the ‘<<Tuna>> Wrap’, sans salad. OH-MY-GOODNESS. I am not over-exaggerating when I say that I have never before tasted raw food like this. I opted for the aubergine bacon on the Öm Burger and I am very glad I did. The burger was bursting with flavor! The ‘bun’ was not dry, as most dehydrated “bread” is. It was moist and perfectly firm! Even the side salad was amazing. I asked for the Caesar dressing, which is cashew based, and it was to-die-for. 

On to the wrap. I’m not going to lie – I was pretty apprehensive about trying mock fish. I was never a big fish eater before I went vegan, so this food choice was a bit peculiar for me. It looked so good, so I had to give it a shot. I am so happy I did! It’s been 2 weeks since my visit to Crudessence and I have literally been craving this wrap every day since. Cursedness used almonds to create a tuna texture, wrapped with veggies in a seaweed paper wrap. The final layer is a rice wrap (not raw) holding everything together. This was hands down one of the best wraps I’ve ever eaten – vegan or non vegan. 

Prices are on the more expensive side, however for the first time, I was more than happy to pay extra for that food because it was just so good. 


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food quality is AMAZING, lots of choice, everything is vegan & gluten free, great atmosphere, lots of seats.

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