Earth Balance: Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

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September 22
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This Mac & Cheese brings back so many childhood memories. So often as a youngin’, I’d look forward to a fresh pot of Kraft Dinner. Sometimes I’d even rush home on my lunch break to devour some fresh KD. The ever ongoing debate of creamy vs. cheese was a hot toping for years, with creamy always winning in my books. 

When I went vegan and eliminated dairy from my diet, I obviously had to say bye to my favorite noodle and “cheese” combo. Until now. This gluten free and vegan mac and cheese, created by Earth Balance, is so similar to the version I remember, it is like walking down memory lane. Even the old creamy vs. cheese debate resurfaced as I was preparing it.

There are 3 things in particular that I enjoy about Earth Balance’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese. First and foremost, the instructions allow the use of any milk substitute. I used rice milk, but I assume unsweetened almond, coconut or soy milk would be equally as delicious. The milk substitutes in my fridge are always rotating, so it’s convenient to be able to use whichever is on hand at that particular moment. wpid-201509171598793329.jpg

Second, it is very easy to make. The instructions are clearly marked on the box, with photo directions to accompany. 

Last, but definitely not least, the noodles taste exactly as they should; the texture is not like your typical gluten free noodles, but reminiscent of wheat macaroni noodles. 

I will note, however, that there are maximum 2 portions per box. Paired with sides. 

This Mac & Cheese is a great quick option for children (or adults alike). 

Where to purchase:

On Amazon, linked here.

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