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May 17
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Ladokolla is a very well known restaurant in Athens, with 5 locations all over the city. The prices are extremely low and quality of the food is extremely high. An average vegetarian meal costs around 8 euros, which includes a salad and entree. Almost every time I visit Greece, I eat at Ladokolla. Sometimes I even go multiple times in one trip. Up until very recently, we had penned this restaurant ‘the paper plate place’ as they serve many items on paper. I really do love this restaurant. The atmosphere is great; filled with locals, everything you find here is authentic. There is usually at least one waiter who can communicate in English, so don’t worry if Greek isn’t your first language. They also have menus in English to accompany the Greek ones.

Ladokolla is not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. They do serve lots of meat and dairy, so don’t expect a full menu of items you can eat. What you can expect: the most amazing Greek salad (minus the cheese), incredible vegan mushroom saganaki, and very tasty stuffed peppers and tomatoes, amongst other veggie options. There are quite a few vegetarian options and less vegan options, but still lots to choose from. Some dishes are a little on the oily side, so if you’re looking for a low fat meal, maybe ask them to go light on the oil.

Frequently, the waiter finishes off your dinner there by brining complimentary fresh fruit or Greek pastry to the table.

Address: Kesariani: 46, Imittou Street.

*There are multiple locations of Ladokolla in Athens. 

Positives: very tasty, great service, local atmosphere, very inexpensive.

Negatives: not many vegan options, oily food. 


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