June 29
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Price: $$
Makrygianni Street 19-21
Athens, Greece

Although vegans can eat at Liondi, I don’t recommend you do. It’s not that the restaurant is bad – it isn’t. It’s just that there are other more tasty and less expensive options for Greek dining in Athens. 

The Food:

Do not be fooled by their large vegetarian menu, there are very few vegan options. Gemista, a very typical Greek dish consisting of a stuffed pepper and tomato with rice, was the best vegan option they offered. So thats what I had. Paired with a side Greek salad (sans cheese), there was more than enough food to last 2 meals. The gamiest was delicious, cooked full of flavor and served with a side of Greek potatoes (yum!). The salad lacked spices and thus flavor, when compared to Greek salads elsewhere in Athens. 

The menu was quite pricey in comparison to other Greek restaurants, as well – possibly due to its touristy location. Totalling 16.50 euros, my meal was about 5 euros too much. rps20160623_025344.jpg

The Ambience: 

Enjoy nice outdoor patio at Liondis or an air conditioned interior cooled to your comfort. The ambience is nice with the busy crowd passing by and if you’re lucky, some street musicians playing away. The maitre-d of the restaurant’s enthusiasm is contagious, leaving you feeling light hearted and happy.rps20160623_030024.jpg

The Service: 

The service at Liondis is satisfactory; friendly enough, however slow. The chef speaks English and is happy to be of service. Our meals took a long time to arrive, but I chalk that up to a busy restaurant. Each table was occupied, which was a good sign to me. 

View their vegetarian menu:


Nice environment
A bit expensive, very few vegan options
  1. SZ

    June 30

    I haven’t eaten at Liondi but judging from your review and also its location I guess it’s a typical Greek Tavern with mediocre overpriced food aimed mostly at tourists.
    Indeed what you ordered should cost about 10-12 euros.
    One correction though: It’s Gemista (pronounced “Yiemista”) the way you’ve written it it means something else entirely and I assure you it’s not very nice, lol.

    Enjoy your stay in Greece, hopefully with more satisfying dinning options.
    (and may I suggest Yi at Glyfada or Avocado near Syntagma Square for your next review?)

    • Mel

      July 1

      Oh wow, I can’t believe that was a typo! It’s all fixed now – thanks so much for letting me know!

      I have already reviewed Yi and Avocado. They’re up on the blog already if you want to check them out! I love both of those places. I wish Yi had a location closer to central Athens, though.

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