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Pizza, Vegan option, Wheat Free option
June 4
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Ferekydou 2
Athens, Greece

I’m really happy I found Mystic Pizza in Athens. Vegan pizza is a huge treat so when I do get to devour it, I want it to be good. The vegan pizza at Mystic definitely measured up. They LOADED on the vegetables. I was able to choose from any type of pizza they offered and they would substitute vegan cheese. This gave me tons of choices, which I really liked. I settled on the “Mystic Bio Olive” which is made on spelt (wheat free) dough and topped with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, onions and oregano. Instead of the feta cheese, the server added zucchini for no extra charge. This was filling! Pizza is easily splittable between 2 people. Below every pizza, the menu says how many cals and carbs they have. 

The Mystic location I went to (Exarcheia) was a little dingy, but that didn’t bother me so much. There are 2 other locations that do look nicer from the photos. If you don’t mind the graffiti on on the outside, I would definitely recommend this restaurant for something low key. Even your non-veg friends will be able to enjoy it! The server was very nice and accommodating to me. Pizza was also very reasonable – coming it at 12.80 euros. Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

Update: I have now tried the location at Ferekydou 2 and it is so wonderful! There is a great outdoor patio on the top floor, covered in case of bad weather. The vibe is great and it is clean and more up-kept. I definitely recommend this location. (Pictured Below)wpid-2015-07-04-05.21.42-1.jpg.jpeg

really tasty pizza loaded with veggies, inexpensive, outside seating (great patio at Ferekydou location) and great atmosphere at Ferekydou location
Run down Mpenaki location, no gluten free option (wheat free option available). 

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