Rexall: A Historic Landmark Transformed

April 28
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This week, I had the pleasure of attending the launch event of Rexall’s newest location in one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings, The Brunswick House. With plenty of my own memories made there with friends throughout the years, truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I walked through those front doors on Thursday morning.

For many Toronto locals, especially those living nearby, The Brunswick House at 481 Bloor St. W. was nothing short of a neighbourhood hotspot. With a history of live music and many jazz and blues music legends having played on its stage, including Etta James, Buddy Guy, Jeff Healey and many more throughout the mid to late 1900’s, “The Brunny” was and forever will be a landmark in Toronto’s Annex.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Creamy Cucumber Dill Dip

Vegan, Kosher For Passover Adaptable
April 13
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Buffalo Cauliflower Wings are a classic when it comes to parties (or any evenings at home too) or game days. The perfect way to veganize buffalo chicken wings, these cauliflower florets transform into the crunchy, spicy and addictive flavours people love so much in the chicken version. If you’re new to The Vegan Jetsetter, I should tell you that I’m a huge believer that every non-vegan dish can be made into a vegan version that tastes the same, if not better. I’m all about limiting the cruelty to animals, the impact on the environment and increasing the health benefits to your body WITHOUT sacrificing taste, so turning such a popular chicken dish into a vegan version was something I was really excited about. A little research and trial and error and here we are. 
You’ll be amazed at how easy these cauliflower wings are to make. They don’t fall apart, which if I’m being honest, is always a concern when creating a batter without eggs, and they store well in the fridge for a couple days. If you’re making them in advance of your party and trust yourself not to devour them before your guests arrive (I had a REALLY hard time not doing this), I recommend  just popping them into the oven for 10 minutes on 400°F right before serving, just to crisp them up again. And voila, you’re good to go! Try seeing if they last the night – I bet they won’t. For the ‘wings’, I used this recipe by Peta. To make it Kosher for Passover, substitute the flour with matzo meal. 

Matzo Ball Soup

Vegan, Kosher For Passover, Low Fat
April 4
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Passover is a time that can typically be difficult for vegans as many staple vegan foods are forbidden, such as beans, soy, bread and pastas, peanuts and corn. A classic Passover dish, and one that is loved world wide is the Matzo Ball Soup, but the problem is that the broth is made with chicken and the Matzo balls are made with eggs, making this dish as un-vegan as it gets. If you’ve ever had matzo ball soup, you know what I mean when I say it’s a classic and can be enjoyed all year round, not just during Passover.

It is for these reasons that I was itching to try my hand at a vegan version of this comforting, yet classic soup. I grew up on home made matzo ball soup, looking forward to Passover each year just to have it and begging my mother to make it during the year. Whenever she’d make it, you would have almost believed that it didn’t happen, we devoured it so fast. I knew I had big shoes to fill when attempting this recipe, and I wasn’t willing to settle until it was perfect. While I did use a tiny bit of oil to sauté the onion in the recipe posted below, if you’re looking for a fat-free version, feel free to sauté the onion in a bit of the vegetable broth instead. 

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