Toronto: TD Canada Mother Mother Show

Summer festivals are part of the reason I look forward to the summer month so much. There is nothing like feeling the sweet summer breeze while singing along to your favorite band with thousands of other people sharing in the moment.

I have been lucky enough to attend many concerts in my time and know how hard it can be to find vegan food at shows. I tend to bring a couple snacks with me, just in case, but sometimes security at shows can be pretty cruel and force you to dispose of any food you have. I hate to waste food, so I generally struggle before a show with whether to bring food or not. Sometimes my doubting side prevails and I end up going empty handed. That generally leaves the choice of french fries for dinner, if that.

That said, you can imagine my excitement when I attended my first concert (Mother Mother) this summer at Echo Beach, put on by TD Canada, and found a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food truck. This food truck called “Portobello Burger” made my night. I didn’t have to settle for the oh-so-common, but never overrated, french fries. Instead, I devoured a delicious vegan, gluten free poutine! For those of you who don’t know what poutine is, it’s an incredible Canadian creating featuring fries, gravy and cheese. 11426664_699257140175004_779670996_n

For anybody checking out any of the TD Canada Echo Beach shows this summer, this will be your go to place!! 

The concerts at Echo Beach are very well done – all tickets are GA, with the option to purchase VIP wristbands that allow access onto a more elevated platform to enjoy the show from (worth it, in my opinion). 

To see a list of all upcoming TD Canada events, please check out: 

On to the show:

From start to finish, the quintet entertained the Echo Beach crowd with seething, danceable indie rock songs, soaked in gorgeous vocals and harmony. The flow of the set was impeccable. Less talk and more action kind of performance, although Ryan Guldemonds banter was on point. A nice surprise, singer/keyboardist Jasmine Parking took lead vocals for a cover by Lana Del Ray. Rounded out by Molly Guldemond on keys/vocals, Jeremy Page on bass and Ali Siadat on drums, Mother Mother proved to be a very entertaining band, while still calendaring their fans with some intricate musical moments. Highly recommended for any indie rock fan!wpid-2015-08-19-10.23.51-1.jpg.jpeg


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