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June 1
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147 Enmore Road
Enmore, NSW 2024

In preparation for our trip to Australia, we began researching the most popular restaurants to visit and at the top of nearly all of the lists we’d looked at, Sadhana Kitchen was amongst the top 5. A very quick trip from downtown Sydney (approx. 20mins) was Newtown, a suburb filled with plenty of ma’ and ‘pop shops, and a restaurant we’d read so much about.


Their menu is filled with vegan and raw options and blends together everyone’s classic vegan favourites with Sadhana’s own original recipes. While prices range on the expensive side, there are more than enough options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert; there’s something for everyone, vegan or not. The presentation of our meal made it taste even better and the portion sizes were more than enough. As well as a regular menu, Sadhana also offers an Australian favorite (and something we looked forward to trying prior to our 21 hour flight): Cocowhip – 100% vegan, dairy-free, coconut water-based ice cream.

To start, their Daily Green smoothie was the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. With an incredible blend of banana, apple, mango, and locally grown greens, your taste buds will go crazy!

The Açai Bowl was to die for and along with a smoothie, was almost too much for one person. The bananas and fruit compote topping, along with the “grawnola” mixed inside made every bite either as good or better than the last. (Photo above)

The presentation of the Avo & Mushroom Benedict was way better than expected. The “eggs” were an exact replica of how I remember them, and to say that it was tasty would be an understatement. Breakfast has never looked so good.wp-1464813124188.jpgLast, but definitely not least, the Cocowhip Affogato was the perfect way to end off our meal. The Cocowhip perfectly complimented the coffee, satiating both a caffeine and ice cream fix in one shot. wp-1464813141621.jpg


Sadhana was a small restaurant, with few tables and minimal space to walk about, however, there are a couple tables outside along the street for those looking to soak in the sun on a warm day. Our favourite part of the restaurant was the front wall; it was all glass, allowing for the sun to pour in with a great view of the street.wp-1464817896285.jpg


We were able to be seated right away, and were given menus within a few minutes. The service could have been a little quicker, but understandably so, nearly every table was occupied. We waited a little longer than we had hoped for, for our meal, but it was worth it. Upon leaving, there was a lineup to be seated, so we were reminded yet again that this was a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Unfortunately at the time we were there (Nov 2015), Sadhana’s did not offer complimentary WiFi. 

Delicious food, vast menu full of lots of options for all types of eaters, has cocowhip (the best!!)
Poor service, minimal seating, expensive

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