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December 15
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120913_soda_stream_2For as long as I’ve known about the SodaStream, I’ve wanted one. I love fizzy drinks – always have, probably always will. What I don’t love, are the horrible toxic chemicals added to commercial sodas and the nasty effects they have on the body. SodaStream offers a way to still enjoy those fizzy beverages, while removing all of the detrimental ingredients. I had the chance to get one a few weeks ago and have been completely obsessed since. For anybody considering buying one, here is my complete review; the good, the bad and the fizzy.

About SodaStream:

SodaStream is an appliance that allows you to carbonate water. Fill the bottle with the water and press to carbonate. You may then add any flavor of your choice, or chose to drink it as it is. Each machine comes with either a plastic BPA-free reusable plastic bottle or a glass reusable bottle. As well, with each machine comes a CO2 carbonator and a choice of over 40 drink mixes in Canada, over 70 in the US.

My opinion on the SodaStream:


The SodaStream that I am reviewing is the Source Metal Sparkling Water Maker. It looks sleek, modern and stylish. SodaStream offers machines in different colors, shapes and sizes; there is a machine available to fit any kitchen color scheme. While the SodaStream takes up minimal space on the counter, it is fairly tall and thus may be difficult to store. For me, this is not a problem as I use mine so frequently, it has a permanent home on my counter top. The Source machine is equipped with a led indicator, displaying the 3 different levels of carbonation that you may choose.


The 3 level carbonation consistency is a great feature, allowing each individual to choose how bubbly they would like their beverage. Each bottle we make is flawlessly delicious and perfectly carbonated. The CO2 cylinder is easy to replace and you may even return your old cylinder in stores, in exchange for a discount on a new one. Great fact: SodaStream will even recycle your old cylinder!

The SodaStream system is very straightforward – push down until you hear a loud buzz. This buzz signifies that the proper amount of CO2 has been dispensed and your drink is ready. Then unscrew your bottle and enjoy! At that point, you may add your syrups or enjoy plain.

wpid-wp-1450239160458.jpgAs for syrups, we particularly love the new SodaStream Sparkling Gourmet line – the Blackcurrent Lime is our favorite! Each cup is only 50 calories and there is no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or preservatives included. It is absolutely delicious on it’s own, or paired with some fresh fruit! If you’re looking for even less calories, one of my favorite things to do is drop a few drops of flavored liquid stevia (like the french vanilla one!) in, and you’ve got yourself a completely healthy beverage to enjoy.

Why I love this SodaStream:

I tend to be environmentally conscious and I love that there is no waste with the SodaStream. By using this machine, you can eliminate the majority of your bottle and can consumption. You can also eliminate ‘shlepping’ heavy bottles each grocery trip. 

I also enjoy that we never run out of soda – a new bottle is only seconds away! 

After recouping the initial payment of buying the machine, there are significant cost savings for my family, who drink a large amount of carbonated water daily. 

The syrup flavors are very tasty and offer an alternative to store bought, unhealthy options. There is also the option to flavour with juice or liquid stevia, providing a calorie free, chemical free beverage. 

The ease and simplicity of the machine is fool-proof. Very easy to use and customizable to each individual. 

If you’re in Canada, you may purchase your SodaStream directly from their website here. SodaStreams area also sold at Hudson’s Bay, Home Outfitters, Canadian TireWalmart, London DrugsSearsAmazon, and Staples. Above photos and links are American prices and from US stores. 
  1. Nichola

    July 27

    Can you answer with a simple yes or no, are the syrups vegan?

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