Sophie Sucrée

Bake Shop, Vegan & Gluten Free Options
June 3
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167 Ave des Pins E 
Montreal, QC

I would consider myself adequate in judging baked goods. Not because I’m a professional food critic or anything, but let me just say that I’ve eaten my fair share of baked goods in my lifetime! I have also had the pleasure of tasting AMAZING vegan treats, so my standards are set pretty high. 

Sophie Sucrée was ok. Better than average, less than amazing. I really enjoyed how the bake shop is set up – it looks like a scene from years ago – very delicate and dainty. Every item is served on a difference saucer, giving Sophie’s a unique feel. I liked the miss-matched plates & mugs. Each one I saw was cuter than the last!

I ordered a vegan, gluten free cherry almond cupcake and chocolate cookie to go. I enjoyed both, although the cupcake was definitely the winner of the two. I was slightly disappointed at it’s size – definitely ranging on the smaller side, although I guess my hips don’t really need a larger cupcake. The cupcake was also not as moist as I’m used to, but still very tasty! The cookie I ordered was ok. Nothing to write home to mom about, but still enjoyable. I love a good chocolatey- gooey type of cookie and this was less gooey, more dry. I hope that paints an appropriate picture in your head. 

Credit where credit is due; Sophie’s had a TON of gluten free options. I will definitely be back again to try out more goodies the next time I’m in Montreal! They also had muffins, brownies, brioches and chocolate banana bread, amongst other options. Pricing is on the less expensive end for bake shops – cupcakes and other treats range from $2.50 CAD to $3.25 CAD. There is lots of seating in the shop if you would like to dine in, as well. 

lots of variety, cute vibe, seats to dine in, great prices
Could be better quality

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