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September 17
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126 Ramsgate Ave
North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

If their Instagram account was any indication of how delicious the food at Speedo Café is, I knew I was in for a treat. Some of the most colourful and vibrant food pictures I had ever come across, I now know Speedos’ food is not just delicious, it’s an art form. 

My visit to Speedo was heavily awaited since I had visited Australia about a year ago, but ran out of time to try the café on that trip. I was so excited to finally try all of their vegan dishes on this trip, since their photos were so mouth watering and looked so appealing. Since my visit to Speedo was #1 on my list for Sydney this time around, it was my first stop – and it did not disappoint.


I tried 4 different dishes:

Caramelized banana + chia VEGAN pancakes: These are out. of. this. world. Seriously, next level pancakes! Probably the best pancakes I’ve ever had, vegan or not. They come stacked with caramelized bananas in the middle, dripping in maple syrup, covered in poached berries and topped with pistachio crumble. I added a side of CocoWhip, because well… it’s CocoWhip. I never need an excuse for sweet, delicious CocoWhip. rps20160917_205231.jpg

The yogi plate: Also a hit amongst myself and my friends, the yogi plate comes with 4 falafel-like balls over beetroot, walnut and tahini smash. Greens and zoodles accompany, over quite a large bit of avocado. Most restaurants really skimp out on the avocado, so kudos to Speedo for serving an abundance in this dish. The flavours of the falafel-like balls, mixed with the beetroot mash and avocado greens are a winning combination and left our taste buds completely satisfied. rps20160917_205256.jpg

The mango topping CocoWhip: One of my favourite things in Australia is CocoWhip. I’m pretty vocal about this, as it’s not available in Canada and I seriously wish it was. Made from coconut water, this ice cream resembles that of vanilla soft serve, minus all the fat, calories and chemicals. It’s truly delicious and Speedo offers it in 3 different combinations, with the mango, passion fruit and coconut one pictured here. rps20160917_210916.jpg

A Vegan Donut: This vegan donut was a bit of a let down, to be honest. The texture was slightly reminiscent of a macaroon, rather than a donut. It was extremely oily, as well. I did enjoy the icing, however, I’d recommend skipping the donut and heading straight for the CocoWhip instead.rps20160917_210857.jpgTHE DÉCOR:

Speedo Café is your typical café, with the exception of one thing. Most cafés do not have a breathtaking view of the ocean from their window. Overlooking Bondi Beach, you can watch the surfers ride the waves as you devour your delectable meal. rps20160917_205326.jpgrps20160917_220503.jpg


Service at Speedo Café is ok, but not great. While the food arrived in a timely manner and the waitresses were very professional and nice, taking our orders in a timely manner was lacking. After sitting for about 15 minutes, I signalled to a waitress that we were ready to order and everything was smooth sailing from there.

Incredible view of the beach, decadent and healthy vegan options
expensive, limited seating during busy times

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