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December 23
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Carrer de Jovellanos, 2
Barcelona, Spain

Teresa Carles and its chain of restaurants – including Flax & Kale, Teresa’s Juicery and Teresa’s Stairway to Health – top my list as favourite spots in Barcelona. The list of things I love about Teresa Carles is extensive, so lets start with a few of the basics:


A widespread menu that boasts both vegan and vegetarian options, all unique and delicious. The vegan choices are endless, dabbling into the raw vegan category, as well as gluten free. With everything from appetizers to desserts included, no doubt there is something for everyone. The presentation of food is well-thought out, with no detail left unaccounted for. Teresa Carles offers weekly specials, as well as their constant year round menu.

To start, the raw, gluten free and vegan ceviche is out of this world. It is made with young coconut to resemble seafood, loaded on top of delicious marinated mushrooms, avocado and spirulina.

The sweet potato soup is a home run, matching the perfect amount of savory to the perfect amount of comfort. Their soups do alternate depending on the day, so make sure to inquire about what soup is available on the day you’re there.wpid-wp-1450844852951.jpg

The Lasanyuki, Raviolo, and Carrot and Artichoke Risotto are also incredible. The Lasanyuki wins the top spot for me, made with spinach and pine nuts, cooked pumpkin and layered with cashew cheese. It is truly a musty-try.12338650_542990472533310_1307637216_n

To finish off your meal, if you still have room that is, try one of Teresa Carles’ amazing vegan desserts. The mille-feuille was enjoyable, although not comparable in taste and composition to its not-vegan counterpart.12277463_612594095545981_360847809_n

Last, be definitely not least, are the cold-pressed juices. One of my favourite things about Teresa Carles is their fridge stuffed full of fresh juices and nut milks. A plethora of flavors are available, but my 3 favorites are the “Cashew Chocoshake” (pictured above), “Vainilla Marcona” and “Green Love”. wpid-2015-12-03-08.31.02-1.jpg.jpg


Teresa Carles is decorated beautifully, with exposed brick walls and displays of wine bottles. The restaurant is quite large and each room contains a relaxed, chic vibe. With a wonderful ambience throughout, my only wish is that Teresa Carles has more windows to allow for the beautiful sunlight to penetrate.


The service at Teresa Carles can be a hit or miss. Be prepared to wait for a table if you show up at prime times. The busier the restaurant, the longer it is to order and the longer it is to receive your meal. While the staff are always friendly, it can take quite a while to be served.

great variety of vegan options
slow service, long wait to be seated

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