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June 9
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Grigoriou Lampraki 69, Glyfada, 
Athens 16675, Greece   

I’ve had a lot of luck with raw vegan restaurants lately: the last couple I’ve visited have been incredible! Most recently, I had the chance to eat at Yi, which stands for Earth in English. Located just south of Athens, in a town called Glyfada, this restaurant is a breath of fresh air.

The outdoor patio was a great indication of what was to come inside the restaurant; it was a huge patio filled with comfy benches and cute seat cushions. The ambience was alive even from the outside. The inside was no different. It was airy, light and fresh. The decor was spectacular and the restaurant was huge. Sunlight filled the entire building and the decorating lifted your spirits. The right wall of the restaurant was lined with treats that they sell and the back counter was lined with more treats. I wanted to buy everything, it looked so good!  

The menu had a lot to choose from; raw pizzas, zucchini noodle dishes, salads, burritos, smoothies, soups, and more. I ordered the Greek Salad, Italian Pizza and Chocolaty smoothie. They were all incredible. The Greek Salad might be one of the best I’ve ever had! I very frequently order Greek Salad in Greece, but I ask them to hold the feta (of course!). The fact that Yi had vegan ‘feta’ made the entire salad for me. They make their ‘feta’ from a cashew base and it was delicious. So delicious, that I asked if I could buy some to bring home! Unfortunately they didn’t have enough to sell me, but I will definitely keep bugging them to sell me some the next time I eat there. Also sprinkled over the Greek Salad, was a dried black olive mix. It was heavenly.

I didn’t think it could get better, but the pizza definitely was just as good. Perfectly firm crust, cheesy cashew based spread and extremely tasty vegetables on top. I’d definitely order it again. The smoothie was refreshing and cold, which is a must for me in a smoothie. It had the right amount of sweetness, but was still very light. 

This restaurant is on the more expensive side; my smoothie coming in at 4.50 euros, pizza at 13 euros and salad at 6.50 euros. Although this is on par for other vegan restaurants in the area, compared to local greek food, it is astronomically high. That said, I can completely justify spending the money as the food was just that good. It’s worth it. 




great food, tons of variety, amazing atmosphere and decor, treats ready for purchase

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